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By: Admin 24th sep 2019

காவேரி கலாமன்றம் மாற்று மக்கள் சபையின் (People's forum for change) விசேட செயலமர்வு இன்று மட்டகளப்பில் நடைப்பெற்ற போது...

Special seminar was held by the KKM People’s forum for change in Batticolo

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By: Admin 12th Aug 2019

காவேரி கலா மன்றத்தின் பிரதிநிதிகள் பிலிப்பைன்ஸ் மநிலா வில் நடைபெற்றுக்கொண்டிருக்கும் ILC சர்வதேச மாநாட்டில் கலந்து கொண்ட போது..
MANILA, Sep 11 2019 (IPS) - Stronger government action to fight stigma and discrimination, more government funding for health and non-health support programmes, and a larger role for people’s organisations in developing policy towards Hansen’s disease treatment and eradication are still needed for eliminating the disease.
This was some of the recommendations made by participants of the first ever Global Forum of People’s Organisations on Hansen’s Disease today, Sept. 11 during a presentation to global academics, scientists, researchers, health staff, partners and those affected by the disease at the 20th International Leprosy Congress (ILC). http://www.ipsnews.net/2019/09/nothing-us-without-us-hansens-disease-affected-tell-international-gathering/

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By: Admin 19th July 2019

காவேரி கலாமன்றம் மாற்று மக்கள் சபையின் விசேட செயலமர்வு இன்று யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் நடைப்பெற்ற போது..
Special seminar was held in Jaffna by the People forum for change of KKM

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By: Admin 22nd June 2019

காவேரி கலா மன்றம் "People Forum for Change" மாற்றத்திற்கான மக்கள் மன்றம் நடாத்திய" தேசிய சமாதானம் "கருத்தமர்வு வவுனியா பொகவஸ்வெவ கிராமத்தில் இன்று நடைபெற்றபோது.
“The national peace workshop” was held in Vavuniya Bogawaswewa village by the People forum for change of KKM. Card image cap

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By: Admin 12th apr 2019
இளைஞர் யுவதிகளுக்கான....
For Young youth & Women....

காவேரி கலாமன்றம் people's forum for change வழிக்காட்டலில் இளைஞர் யுவதிகளுக்கான ஒரு மாதகால தொழில் வழிகாட்டி கருத்தரங்கு வழங்கப்பட்டு இன்று சான்றிதழ் வழங்கும் நிகழ்வு இன்று யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் நடைப்பெற்ற போது...
For one month Skill development Seminar being for Young youth & Women. It was held in the Kaveri kala Manram’s People's Forum for change and today it's certification ceremony held in Jaffna..

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By: Admin February 16, 2019
வவுனியா பிராந்திய சுகாதார பணிமனையும் இணைந்து – FEB.2019

காவேரி கலா மன்றமும் வவுனியா பிராந்திய சுகாதார பணிமனையும் இணைந்து (Leprosy, peace & Sri Lanka) சமாதானத்தை கட்டியெழுப்புவதற்கான விசேட செயலமர்வு இன்று வவுனியாவில் நடைபெற்ற போது.. 2019... The community which has been by racial contradiction for 40 years has suffered a number of life losses.
Today Peace-making attempts to merge communities have not yet taken up and this continues to be challenging. KKM Leprosy forum for change leprosy people association have decided to help all the affected people in the community to bring peace and unity.
As soon as the community is aware of leprosy, patient they are socially isolated and black listed in the community. The leprosy association has proved that we can break the stigma and live with unconditional love without any discrimination of any cultural and religious barrios and live in peace and unity in our nation.
The following true stories are shared by the leprosy affected members of the People forum for change Leprosy association.


I was born a Singhalese, and once upon a time I was a raciest against the Tamil society. Due to poverty and unemployed I was offered a basis house by the Sri Lankan Government in Vavuniya in Jaffna district in a remote village. I was working as a driver with two kids.
I was affected by leprosy after few years, I was on medication and getting very tired and left my job. Not knowing the full awareness of the diseases, I was lost to this world scared and isolated from the community and rejected. I was suicidal many times. At this time of my devastated life KKM was informed by PHI of Vavuniya for the support. KKM was God send to me with all their unconditional love and support. They made me to continue my medication with all support of nutritious food which gave me strength and self-esteem to my family. I was given a tube well and a motor, coconut seedlings, and other vegetation to start my living. Now I am free of leprosy and able to support my family by selling all the products. Recently I was given a milking cow to earn more income to my family and my kids could have a health life. I can only thank them by being active member in their leprosy programs and not by words.
My wife and I are ashamed of our self for the racial behavior towards Tamil community. We continue to pray for forgiveness. We are always thankful to KKM for giving us a new life. I am always ready to relate this generous story openly to anyone in the Singhalese community. I am always willing to take part in any events in the community at any time.


I am Nagamany. During the war I lost three of my children, living in poverty and resettled back in my village. We lost everything and our land was neglected. At this time,
I was affected by leprosy and lost my eye sight in one eye. I met Amarasinga through KKM leprosy association we shared our sad stories and how we were empowered by KKM gained our self-esteem and strength. As we both are strong comity members Amarasinga gets assistance from his district to help our school children and I do the same from my district. We are all trying to break the stigma of leprosy, detect early symptoms and make our nation free of Leprosy with peace and unity among us.

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Many thanks for all the well-wishers who donated these items to the war-torn families in Sri Lanka and the volunteers who helped to pack them.

Thank you for all your support